Warning: htmlspecialchars(): charset ` labels for hierarchical ones. {@see get_post_type_labels()}. * @type string $description A short descriptive summary of what the post type is. * Default empty. * @type bool $public Whether a post type is intended for use publicly either via * the admin interface or by front-end users. While the default * settings of $exclude_from_search, $publicly_queryable, $show_ui, * and $show_in_nav_menus are inherited from public, each does not * rely on this relationship and controls a very specific intention. * Default false. * @type bool $hierarchical Whether the post type is hierarchical (e.g. page). Default false. * @type bool $exclude_from_ in /data/www/20109/dort-napoleon_cz/www/wp-content/themes/retro/lib/shortcode/shortcodes.php on line 630